10-Picture Time Capsules

No matter how many times we move, and wherever we go, we take with us a life-long connection to the homes we leave behind. wikiHomePages invites you to share the photos and stories of you and your family's former houses and apartments as we set out to build a photo history of homes, one address at a time.

A person's home is more than just a building. Whether it's a simple 1950s tract house or is listed on The National Register of Historic Places, the events that took place while you or your ancestors lived there are forever part of your life story.

Weddings. Thanksgiving dinners. Christmas mornings. Family get togethers. Backyard BBQs. Kids being kids. Lives being lived. wikiHomePages is a virtual museum where you can preserve these memories for future generations of your family while opening a window on the past for others to see where and how people lived in years gone by.

Unlike big photosharing websites that can overwhelm visitors with a seemingly infinite number of choices, wikiHomePages focuses on one subject only: Our homes. Each HomePage on our map has a simple and consistent user interface that features a maximum of ten photos taken at a specific address at a specific point in time. An address can have as many HomePages as it has former residents. And a HomePage can be created by family members, friends, historians and others with legitimate access to the photos.

The photos and experiences you contribute are time capsules, each telling a unique story. There really is no place like home. Especially yours. Click here to begin sharing the pictures and stories from those special places in your family's past.